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Become a volunteer today

Volunteers play a significant role in the success of Therapeutic Dog Services Incorporated and the dedicated support they provide is greatly appreciated.

We welcome the involvement of volunteers across a wide range of roles within our organisation.

Make a big difference to someone's life

Come and join the Therapeutic Dog Services Incorporated team. 
We rely on volunteers who give their time for so many things. 
From the volunteers who work in our task force of administration, animal assisted intervention programs, helping hands to our client base (people living with acute illness, ageing, disability, and mental health population), raise funds, to those who come out occasionally to help in community events, volunteers are closely involved in almost every area of what we do.

By volunteering you'll be helping to make a huge difference to the lives of people living with acute illness, ageing, disability, and mental health population. .
But that's not all - you'll be part of a great team, you'll be learning new skills and we promise you'll have a lot of fun!
To find out what you can do check out the volunteers opportunities

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You can find out more about any of these roles mentioned by contacting one of our team.
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