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Don't have a facebook account, we have you covered, here you can view all the latest news feed from Therapeutic Dog Services Facebook Account. 


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The forum is a place, where Therapeutic Dog Services staff can exchange ideas, discuss issues, and learn tricks of the trade. Be sure to get involved.

Volunteer Feedback 

Therapeutic Dog Services is committed to constantly improving the Volunteer Program and all feedback regarding the volunteers experience would be appreciated. This will help in decision making by management to ensure ongoing volunteer satisfaction and commitment in addition to the effective delivery of services. 


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Maintain your Accreditation


Maintaining your accreditation involves:

  1. Submitting compulsory required documents ( legislation requirements) Checklist below
  2. Completing compulsory training and workshops over the course of the year cycle.
  3. Planning and completing professional development over the course of the year cycle.
  4. Demonstrating that your practice continues to meet the Therapeutic Dog Services     standards by writing and submitting visitation reporting.

Are you up to date with requirements?


Check List: Maintain Your Accreditation

Due Annually January
 Police Clearance
Valid 3 Years
 Visitation Reporting
After every shift
 Compulsary Training
As requested or required
 Signed 2018 Volunteer Agreement
 Dog Temperament Testing
Prior to commencement  
Veterinarian Health Clearance
Required Yearly
 Dog Vaccination
Required Yearly
On the Job Assessment
As per required of TDS Inc
Any other changes in legislation requirements

Human Requirements

Is your membership due

Is your police clearance current

What, When and How to report

How to access online training

All requirements for accreditation


Maintaining your accreditation involves:
Compulsory Components

Dog Requirements

Is your dogs 

Veterinary health check up to date

Temperament Testing  up to date 

Is your dogs vaccination due

What happens in on the job assessments