"Dogs Helping Humans"

                   Therapeutic Dog Services Incorporated

Our Partners

Strategic Partnerships: Therapeutic Dog Services works together with our partners to deliver tangible, measurable outcomes and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Our partners list is continually increasing at a rapid pace we do apologise, it is difficult to keep this information up to date. 

Aged Care

Aboriginal Elders Village

Allity Smithfield

Estia Health: Daws Park

Estia Health: Parkside

Estia Health: Kensington

Eldercare –Glengowrie

Eldercare –Hendon

Eldercare Trowbridge

Mary Mackillop Aged Care

Penwood Village Aged Care

Resthaven Aged Care: Mitcham

Saint Anna’s Aged Care

The Society of Saint Hilarion

Uniting Communities: Murray Mudgee

Uniting Communities Wesley: Croydon United Communities Wesley: Seaton

Villa Saint Hilarion Fulham Aged Care


Bedford Group

Department of Community

and Social Inclusion: Various hubs

DCSI: Musica Ave Pooraka Accomodation

DCSI: Salisbury Group

Paraquad SA

Spastic Centre of S.A

Strathmont Disability Services

Various Community Houses for people living with disability


Royal Adelaide Hospital:

RAH:  Oncology and Stroke Wards

RAH: Acute Medical Wards (7 Wards)

RAH: C3 and PECU.

Repatriation General Hospital

Norlunga General Hospital

SA Health

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital:

TQEH: Palliative Care

TQEH: Cramond Clinic

Mental Health

Anglicare –Mental Health Group

Ashton House


Glenside Inpatient Mental Health


Hutt Street Centre

James Nash House

Mind Australia

Queen Elizabeth Hospital: Cramond Clinic

Royal Adelaide Hospital: C3 and PECU.


Anglicare various

Playford: Northern Community Of Hope

Ronald McDonald House, Children and Families.

South Western Community

Tea Tree Gully Library

Corporate Partnerships

Therapeutic Dog Services has great relationships with corporate and local community organisations and we are always looking for more partners.Our corporate relationship are two-way, we offer unique hands-on service delivery and fun experiences, while you help promote us or raise funds. We Have many great ways to get involved

Service Providers

There are many types of facility’s and establishments which benefit from Therapeutic Dog Programs and Services, creating mutual beneficial programs, ranging from residential homes, hospitals and hospices through to both special and main stream schools.