"Dogs Helping Humans"

                   Therapeutic Dog Services Incorporated

Our Board

A Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing all corporate governance matters, providing the organisation with strategic leadership and direction, leads a senior management team responsible for the major financial and administrative decisions and is the principle decision making body.

David Ogden

In addition to presiding over board and executive committee meetings, has a variety of responsibilities. Works with the founder/director, board, staff and community to further the organisation’s mission.

Sonya Flynn

Vice President
Performs the duties and responsibilities of the President during the President’s absence. Other duties requested by the Board of Directors from time to time” oversee and be in charge of special projects.

Eric Koh

Oversee the financial administration of the organisation, review procedures and financial reporting

Lani Gibb

Performs a myriad tasks aimed at managing the records and administrative functions of the team