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Counselling Services

Our services and programs

Our Services & Programs

Counselling & Mental Health Services is a process that focuses on enhancing the psychological well-being of the client, such that the client is then able to reach their full potential. This is achieved by the counsellor facilitating your personal growth, development, and self-understanding, which in turn empowers you to adopt more constructive life practices.

counselling and mental health services

Counselling may be helpful in a number of ways. It can enable you to develop a clearer understanding of your concerns and help you acquire new skills to better manage personal and educational issues. The counsellor can offer a different perspective and help you think of creative solutions to problems. Sharing your thoughts and feelings with someone not personally involved in your life can be most helpful. More Information >

Animal Assisted Counselling & Mental Health

therapy dog included in the counselling process
Therapy Dog included within a counselling session can be a wonderful tool to help a client engage in the counselling process:
A Therapy Dog can be used to assist in the changes. You may find comfort and calm when you touch and are physically close to a dog. The dog also helps divert your attention temporarily onto something other than your problems.