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Corporate Partnerships and How you can Help

Lots of ways you can become involved

Therapeutic Dog Services has great relationships with corporate and local community organisations and we are always looking for more partners.

Our corporate relationships are two-way, we offer unique hands-on service delivery and fun experiences while you help promote us or raise funds.

We have many great ways to get involved with TDS Inc

Corporate Partnerships

Corporate Partnerships: is open to any Corporate Company, employer or employee who would like to support Therapeutic Dog Services Incorporated

We are committed to creating mutually beneficial programs that enable employers and employees to engage with and contribute to the community.

Strategic Partnerships:

Strategic Partnerships: Therapeutic Dog Services works together with our partners to deliver tangible, measurable outcomes and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Work Place Giving:

Work Place Giving: We work closely with organisations and their employees so that a program that most resonates with staff can be selected for support creating mutually beneficial giving programs.

Employee Engagement:

Employee Engagement: Corporate volunteering is an opportunity to make a real and positive difference while promoting staff interaction and building team spirit.

In Kind and Pro Bono Support:

In Kind & Pro Bono Support: This may be a discount on products or a waiver of professional fees.

In kind & Pro Bono Partnerships / Sponsorships with other related businesses

TDS Inc is committed to creating mutually beneficial services that enable other related businesses to engage with and contribute to the community working in conjunction with TDS Inc.

Support or Sponsor: Tax Deductible donations

Be part of our team and give what you can. Your voice, your time, your funds or your friends – every contribution counts.

Get involved and make a difference learn the many ways to support TDS Inc with tax-deductible donations.


There are so many ways you can support Therapeutic Dog Services Incorporated

  • Sponsorship
  • Tax Deductible Donation
  • Purchase advertisement space 

Our tiered sponsorship packages have been designed to give businesses the opportunity for cost effective promotion and marketing of their business with brand exposure through a variety of mediums as detailed in our sponsorship package.

Support or Sponsor:

  • Money Donations
  • 1 or more dogs
  • In Memory of Cody "Walking in Cody's Pawprints"
  • A puppy recruit
  • TDS Inc Owned and Trained "AAI' Team
  • Community visiting handler and dog 
  • Facility Visit
  • Wellness, be active or workshop program

Collection Boxes:

Collection Boxes: Support our vital community with displaying a donation collection box at your place of business.

Contact Us:

Please call now for more information

Phone: Landline (08) 7226 0994  / Skype 7200 4066 / Mobile 0481 293 370

or Email Us: support@tdsinc.com.au