Community Visiting Dogs and Handlers
Registration Process

Becoming a member of Therapeutic Dog Services Inc. begins with supplying the information requested for consideration.

Placement process

Congratulations! The placement process then begins, starting with shadowing and receiving mentoring with an experienced team.

We will assist the new team in selecting a placement for community visiting work, with the aim of finding a “good fit” and a rewarding experience for dog, handler and client(s).

You may be asked:

1: For the initial visits, the handler accompanies an experienced therapy team, without bringing his/her own companion animal.

2: For the initial visit, the handler might be asked to bring his/her own companion animal and will be accompanied by an experienced induction supervisor.

3: The new team may be accompanied by an experienced handler/supervisor or mentor for several visits until you feel comfortable.

This mentoring arrangement helps to support the new team in gaining skill and confidence in their work.


  • Within the first month of your placement: we supply you with identification badge.
  • Uniform, bandanna or harness for your dog can be supplied to you for working purposes once you have contributed a holding deposit for these items, on ceasing volunteering you must return items and your deposit will be refunded to you in full.
  • Therapeutic Dog Services covers you for insurance, working within partner facilities. This covers you and your dog from any damage or claims to a partner facility, (such as if a dog smashes something or bites etc.) It does not cover you and your dog for injury (such as falling down the stairs at facility) this would be a claim against the partner facility, in which you were working. Each partner facility has their own public liability insurance to cover for these types of incidents.

After the placement is underway, we are available to answer questions, help solve problems that may come up, or arrange for a change of placement or an expansion of duties, as needed. Handlers are required to inform Therapeutic Dog Services if they will be absent for periods longer than 2 months or if they wish to make changes in their placement. 

Therapeutic Dog Services Inc. meets during the year for orientation, evaluation, fundraisers or meetings.

Members are invited to volunteer their time in any area of our work which may be of interest, attend meetings, help at events or if it is in your interest volunteer your time at Head Office and Centre Fulham.

We look forward to welcoming you and your dog to Therapeutic Dog Services Inc. and contributing to our community with this wonderful form of volunteering.