Community Visiting Dogs and Handlers
Registration Process

Becoming a member of Therapeutic Dog Services Inc. begins with supplying the information requested for consideration.


Evaluation for you and your dog as a hander/dog team will be organised.

 Please Note: A fee of $15.00 is payable on booking a temperament assessment time (payable prior to temperament assessment day for each dog evaluated)

Therapeutic Dog Services Inc. requires that dog and handler (the team) pass an evaluation by an TDS Inc independent Evaluator.

Prior to Assessment day:

You must have submitted all the required forms and your application has been processed. (The registration must be received within three months of the evaluation.)

On temperament testing day:

Attend scheduled dog/handler evaluation day.

A: Forms you need to supply before or on the day.

(Note: dog cannot be tested without)

  • You must pay fee of $15.00 to book a temperament assessment time.
  • Annual Veterinarian Dog Health Screening form (this must be completed by your dog’s veterinarian)
  • Dog Vaccination certificate (this must be completed by your dog’s veterinarian)



If your dog does not pass the evaluation process, we have many other areas of Therapeutic Dog Services in which you could consider volunteering your time.