Community Visiting Dogs and Handlers
STAGE 2: Registration Process

Becoming a member of Therapeutic Dog Services Inc. begins with supplying the information requested for consideration.


If you are familiar with TDS Inc and what is involved in being a community visiting dog team, your application can be submitted before you attend an information session. (Please refer to Stage 1)

Your application will be processed and If Therapy Dog Program Coordinator, in their opinion thinks you might be a great fit within Community Visiting Dog Team, an evaluation for you and your dog as a hander/dog team will be organised.

Downloadable forms:


Submit application for consideration.

Application Form

Complete: Application Form (Community Visiting Dog/Handler Application (CVD1)

Attachments required as part of your application:

  •  current vaccination for your dog
  •  Two Valid pieces of identification
  •  photo of yourself
  •  photo of your dog
Downloadable Form

Membership Form

Complete: Membership form and pay membership fee 

What you receive in your membership

  • Volunteers Insurance Coverage (accreditation requirements must be upheld) 
  • Receive volunteer employment training and placement,
  • Receive mentor, supervision and support
  • Receive access to online professional development training and certification
  • Certificate of appreciation (on completion of your first year of volunteering)
  • Access to staff portal – www.therapeuticdogservices.com
  • Therapeutic Dog Services publications,
  • Remain in the organisation data base.
  • Invite to Therapeutic Dog Services Social Group Activities
  • Invite to Annual General Meeting
  • Volunteer benefits.

Membership is $30.00 per year, renewable in January each year. 

Downloadable Form

Dog Health Screening

Complete: Visit your regular veterinarian and have them complete the veterinarian health screening form. Please note you also require a current vaccination for your dog (C5)

Each dog and or animal representing TDS Inc. must be screened by a veterinarian prior to temperament assessment day and commencing their working career. 

This helps us protect the health and well being of our dogs on their visitations, this keeps our dogs fit and healthy protecting the dogs from every day normal transferable illness and diseases that are transferred from dog to dog, or human to dog.

Keeping our dogs in good health helps protect clients and patients from any transferable dog related infections or diseases. And helps prevent our dogs contracting sickness and illness transferable from human to dog.

National Police Clearance Certificate

Complete: Please take the police clearance form to your local police station. 

  • Arrange for a National Police Clearance records check. (This is free, submit through Therapeutic Dog Services)
  • Fill out and take to your local SA Police Station
  • Don't forget you will require 100 points of identification.
  • Please do not pay for your police check as we can not refund once paid for
  • Once completed by police officer, please return form to Therapeutic Dog Services Head Office Fulham. (DO NOT POST OFF YOURSELF)
  • Therapeutic Dog Services will then complete, and submit for you. (Special codes, numbers and signatures need to be applied to form)
  • When processed, you will then receive your National Police Clearance in the mail to the personal postal address you have indicated.
  • you then are required to produce your certificate at the Therapeutic Dog Services Head office Fulham so that administration can view document and record specific numbers.
  • This certificate then becomes yours to use as required.