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Aus Volunteer Opportunities

Therapeutic Dog Services Incorporated
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Volunteer Opportunities

Ways to volunteer

Thanks for your interest in helping. We welcome any level of volunteering and are currently looking for volunteers to help with the following:
Youth – Reading Programs
  • Work with youth to improve a child’s reading skills by allowing the child to read to your pet

Pet Therapy Programs, Community Visiting Dogs and Handlers

Take your registered therapy pet to interact with children and adults in many settings and:

  • Help with the rehabilitation of injured veterans by assisting in physical therapy
  • Assist children through the grieving process in an upbeat, structured program
  • Help a senior reconnect with the world through the affection of your pet
  • Provide comfort to patients and visitors in a hospital setting
Event and Non-Animal OpportunitiesFinancial Support

Task Force (Administration)

Task Force volunteers provide invaluable service to Therapeutic Dog Services Inc, by staffing the office, seeing to inquiries about our service. informing visitors of the benefits of therapeutic dog services, assist with mail-outs, other administrative duties. and help at any social events. They interact well with the public, have good communication skills and are always willing to help. 

Community Ambassador:

 Our Community Ambassador Volunteers offer regular Education, Information sessions to the community and assist with special projects throughout the community and facilities

Do you own a well mannered dog?

Volunteer positions are available in our Animal Assisted Activities and Animal Assisted Therapy Programs. 
 Therapy Dog Program is the Utilization of dogs as therapeutic tools, to facilitate healing and rehabilitation of clients, patients with acute or chronic diseases 
 Animal Assisted Activities is a program in which we utilize pet animals to educate, heal and rehabilitate clients. 

Do you own a well mannered dog? 
Volunteer positions are available in the Utilization of dogs as therapeutic tools, to facilitate healing and rehabilitation of clients, patients with acute or chronic diseases

Dog less Handlers

You may be interested in working with us as a volunteer within our Therapeutic Dog Services but you do not own a dog, or your dog is not appropriate due to temperament. We have some therapeutic teams in which own more than one therapeutic dog per family. Our policy only allows handler to handle one dog at a time on visitations for obvious reasons being safety. Dog less handlers are volunteers who don't have dogs of their own, but would like to be involved in handling someone else's "extra" dog. A dog less handler would accompany the Therapeutic Dog team on their visit and handle the "extra" dog! As you can appreciate it is only appropriate for one handler to be in control of 1 dog at a time. 

Dog Walkers

 Dogs that require exercise such as walking and extra exercise. 


 Our working dogs require the ultimate in grooming and care.

Retail and On line Shop Sales

We require a volunteer to organize, sales and mailing of our merchandise available to the public. 

Home Visiting Service:

The Volunteer Home Visiting Service is a service that provides volunteers to visit disabled persons in their community based home on a weekly or fortnightly basis. 


We require someone that is handy with a sewing machine to help with our dog harnesses and bandannas. 


Are you skilled in a craft. We are looking for someone whom can guide others to make crafts to sell for fundraising.

Helping Hands

WELLNESS & BE ACTIVE PROGRAM (Day Activity Options for people with illness, disability and ageing) Therapeutic Dog Services Incorporated is a support service that provides an inclusive program that aims to reduce the social isolation of people whom are disadvantaged, live with acute illness, disability or ageing population. Through the weekly Wellness and Be Active Program (day activities program). we provide a range of activities to hundreds of people living in South Australia. Everyone will have access to safe, organised activities that encourage people of all ages to increase their level of physical activity, improve their health, community inclusion and enjoy meaningful participation and acceptance regardless of their physical ability. Volunteers play a vital role in supporting and enriching the lives of people living with illness, disability and aged. It is a chance to form strong friendships and be valued for what you do. You can also learn new skills and build on the ones you have. 
There are many opportunities for volunteering at Therapeutic Dog Services in a Helping Hand role, within our day activities centre, Fulham or through our varied community services across Adelaide and regional South Australia. You can get involved in:

Assisting with administration & Fundraising projects

 Computer and internet tutoring 
 Gardening 
 Transport and outings 
 Group activities such as art, craft, games and bingo 
 A friendly visit 
 Music and entertainment

Special skill or creative skill?

Do you have a specific skill or creative skill? Our wellness and be active program has activities such as: 
 Health and Exercise Activities 
 Arts and Crafts Activities 
 Writing and Literacy Activities 
If you feel you could contribute in any way with in this program please contact us.
To learn more about volunteering  please contact us on 7200 4066 or 0481 293 370 or email us at therapydogs@tdsinc.com.au