"Dogs Helping Humans"

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Quotes When i was in the hospital in july 2014 you had a dog in the ward that i was in and what made my day and stopped me thinking about myself, was that the dog jumped up onto my bed and just layed there looking at me and i felt very privledged so that the dog could only do it for me. It certainly made my day. I fell out of the bus hit my head on the curb, so what was happening to me the dog gave me much pleasure. Quotes
Phil Harris

Quotes Just a quick note to sincerely thank you and your team for your involvement in Kick it. Thanks once again for your involvement and for being such a pleasure to work with! Marie Scali Manager, Marketing and Communications scosa, the Spastic Centres of SA Inc Quotes
Marie Scali Manager SCOSA
Thank you

Quotes Im absolutely sold on the benefits of therapeutic dog Services in a hospital environment. I brightened up and forgot about the pain for a few brief moments when I met Cody (Dog) and Jody (Handler) on their arrival to my ward. Im home now and doing great. I just wanted to thank them for not just one visit but the 3 visits to me, they made such a difference to my days. Cody (dog) is just spectacular and Jody thank you for your time, conversation and brightening my days. God bless you. Quotes
Satisfied Patient
Thank you

Quotes I was privileged to watch Therapeutic Dog and handler in action while visiting a family member at a SA hospital recently, amazing the extending unconditional love to patients of all ages when they needed it most. There is no doubt that love heals. What a fabulous service. Quotes
Janine Wallace
Fabulous service, extending unconditional love