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Volunteers play a significant role in the success of Therapeutic Dog Services Incorporated and the dedicated support they provide is greatly appreciated.
We welcome the involvement of volunteers across a wide range of roles within our organisation.

Make a big difference to someone's life

Come and join the Therapeutic Dog Services Incorporated team. We rely on volunteers who give their time for so many things. From the volunteers who work in our task force of administration, animal assisted intervention programs, helping hands to our client base (people living with acute illness, ageing, disability, and mental health population), raise funds, to those who come out occasionally to help in community events, volunteers are closely involved in almost every area of what we do.
By volunteering you'll be helping to make a huge difference to the lives of people living with acute illness, ageing, disability, and mental health population. . But that's not all - you'll be part of a great team, you'll be learning new skills and we promise you'll have a lot of fun!
To find out what you can do check out the volunteers opportunities

Thank you for thinking of getting involved

We’re guessing that you may have lots of questions!
These examples below should help to give you some of those answers and get you started…

“I want to help someone directly who lives with acute illness, ageing, disability, or mental health population”
  • Help someone whom participates within our services and programs, with the volunteers’ helping hand assistance.
  • All our volunteers will be able to learn how to help someone to participate
“I want to work with the animals or dogs”
We have a few different roles that involve contact with our animals and dogs.
You will most likely get to meet our animals and dogs in many of our other roles too.
  • Animal Handler: Don't own animal but would love to work with animals.
  • Dog less Handler: Don't own a dog but would like to handle a dog.
  • Helping hand: Helping out within the various programs where animals are utilized.

“I am a pet owner and i want to volunteer with my own animal or dog”
We have a few different roles that involve contact with your animal or dog.
Any dog or pet animal can be considered to be included in TDS Inc Animal Assisted Activities, as long as it has been with its owner for at least 6 mths, is over 12 mths of age and can pass the required assessment process.

Current Positions Available

“I have a skill that I’d like to offer the organisation”
Although we have lots of established roles, we would welcome any other skills that you might be able to bring, whether it is from your current working life or a past role. Recently, we have been very privileged to have the support of personal assistants, experienced administration personnel, accountants, doctors, nurses, teachers, volunteer trainers, media and photographers, and support from volunteers with consultancy and IT project management experience. Let us know what your skill is and we will find out if there is a way that you and your specialist skill can support the organisation.
“I’m a very outgoing and sociable person”
Our supporter groups are made up of volunteers that raise awareness and funds for Therapeutic Dog Services Incorporated. Within the groups there are lots of different roles. You could be helping the group to organise events, tally funds or place our collection boxes at Service Providers and  Business premises.

Below volunteer positions only available in Adelaide, South Australia

Animal Care: Animal Care Assistants look after the day to day care of Therapeutic Dog Services Owned animals in a variety of different settings under supervision. Preparing food and feeding the animals.
Dog Walking: This constitutes part of the daily exercise regime needed to keep Therapeutic Dog Services Owned dogs healthy. It also provides exercise and companionship for the walker.
Dog Grooming: hygienic care and cleaning of a Therapeutic Dog Services Owned dog or dogs, dog's physical appearance is enhanced for visitations.
Animal Raiser: Where you get to help care for a Therapeutic Dog Services Incorporated Owned and Trained animal or dog in your home.
Sitters: If you live near our centre you could look after our animals or dogs when we are required to travel interstate.

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You can find out more about any of these roles mentioned by contacting one of our team.
Please contact us to discuss further:
Australian Base Office:
TDS Inc Head Office, Villa Saint Hilarion Centre,
21 Farncomb Rd, Fulham SA 5024
or simply call us on Phone: Landline (08) 7226 0994  / Skype 7200 4066 / Mobile 0481 293 370