Therapy Dogs
Therapy Dogs

"Dogs Helping Humans"

                   Therapeutic Dog Services Incorporated

Thank you for your visitation reporting
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What you will need to report on

  • Please take a small note pad with you to your visitation.
  • Write down what facility, wards you visited, how many beds, clients, staff and visitors you come in contact with on your visit.
  • The reason why this is so important is that it helps to complete our final reports to the facilities, these are collated every 3 months. It is very important to note numbers of people we are in contact with at their facility.
  • It helps with showing figures for accreditation
  • Also helps TDS Inc in  research, forming figures, numbers of people we come in contact with through out SA. Showing how much our services are sought after.
  • Please note anything that you find positive or negative within your visitation period. 
  • Changes you may be seeing in clients, staff etc. 

How to transfer your information to this report form:

How many clients? Visitors? Staff? visited for the day?

Example: 60 clients, 20 Visitors and 10 staff.

Which ward and what bed numbers:


Ward 7B - Beds: 1,3,10,5,7, 9 = 6 clients, 10 Visitors and 5 Staff.

Ward 9N - Beds: 5,9,7,3,5= 5 clients, 10 Visitors and 5 Staff.